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What You Will Need to Learn English

By: Sarah Folega - Updated: 13 Jul 2013 | comments*Discuss
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Are you thinking of learning English as a second language? If so, you are the right track to becoming bilingual, having better career, and better life prospects. Having the ability to speak multiple languages opens up so many doors that would have before, stayed firmly closed. That is why so many people from all over the world, are taking up English as a second language.

How Are You Going To Learn English?

So, if you have decided that you do want to speak English as a second language, you need to decide how you are going to learn. For instance, are you going to go to a class, or are you going to use self teaching methods, such as tapes, CD’s and books? Whichever method you choose, it is best to choose the one you are most comfortable with. You may even want to combine the two to get further ahead.

There are benefits and disadvantages to both methods of learning English as a second language. If you are going to go to a class, you may not feel comfortable in a large class of other people. But, then again, you may prefer being able to practice with other people that want to learn as much as you do.

If you are only using the self teaching methods, you may struggle with pronunciation, understanding and fluency. But, you may feel more comfortable learning at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

Deciding how you are going to learn is the first step in learning English as a second language. Pick the method you like the most, and remember you can always change your mind at a later date.

Why Are You Going To Learn English?

The next thing to think about before starting to learn English is why you want to learn. Desire is a very strong tool when learning anything, especially a second language, so as long as you really want to learn, you will be able to do so with enthusiasm.

Perhaps you are going to apply for a new job, or maybe you are thinking of travelling. Having an end goal when learning English as a second language is a good way to make sure you are sticking to your targets.

Equipment You Will Need To Learn English

You don’t really need a lot of equipment when learning English as a second language. But, there are a few things, depending on how you are going to learn, which are vital to any learner.

If you are using the self teaching method or the class to learn English, you may need the following to successfully learn English as a second language:

  • Access to a computer and the Internet – The Internet is a fabulous resource for anyone that wants to learn a second language. There are language websites, and pronunciation websites, that will make learning easier for you. There is also software available that can help you achieve the end goal of being fluent in English.
  • A good dictionary – You have a couple of options where dictionaries are concerned. You can either opt for a bilingual dictionary which will include your language and the English language for easy translation. Or, you can opt for the English-English dictionary which provides no translation. You can have both and start with the bilingual dictionary, and when you feel more confident move onto the English-English dictionary.
  • Enthusiasm, desire and patience – These are all things that will come from you. If you have enthusiasm for learning, the desire to better yourself and the patience to see through the difficult times, you will be fluent in English before you know it.

Learning English as a second language doesn’t really need a lot of physical equipment. What you will need as a learner is a good attitude and the will to succeed. With these things, you cannot fail.

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i love reading your article it help me to understand how important for me to reading english.. i want to learn english and i want to pursue it and sometimes when my co worker speak english language i feel envy. because i dont know much to speak fluently in english.. thank you so much for created this article..
jay - 13-Jul-13 @ 9:09 AM
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